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Episode 8: Susie Meyers, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

March 13, 2017

Today’s interview comes from the golf world and it’s fantastic! Susie Meyers is a golf coach based out of Tucson, AZ and she has recently been named one of the top 100 golf coaches in the nation by Golf Magazine. Susie has a new book out called Golf From Point A and it is really, really good! I recommend everyone read it, even if you’re not a golfer. The lessons in this book translate to everything in your life from your job, your relationships to any other sport you might play.

Susie coached Michael Thompson for 15 years. Thompson was the 2012 runner-up at the US Open and the 2013 Honda Classic Champion.

Susie and her son Chris

We talk about her book, meditation and it’s benefits. We talk about her time on the LGPA tour and we also talk about the wonderful attitude she had as a young lady when she wasn’t as good of a golfer. She was working on her craft and she knew that she was training. I really enjoyed the conversation and I know that you will too!

Some of the other books we talked about we Rethinking Golf by Chuck Hogan, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle and Ernest Jones’s Swing The Club Head.

You can follow Susie on Twitter @susiemeyers60 and check out her website at

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