Season 1,

Episode 7: Jason Verdugo, Hamline University Athletics Director

March 06, 2017

Today’s episode features Jason Verdugo who is the Athletic Director at Hamline University. Jason has been a friend of mine since we were kids. I am really proud of the man that he has become. There are some real leadership gems in this interview. He discusses having anxiety issues during his playing days, and how raising a son with special needs made him a better person and a better leader.

We also talk about his playing days at Arizona State University where he played football and baseball. He has some amazing stories about his QB competitions with Jake Plumber and some amazing stories about the late Pat Tillman.

Jason has been someone that I have looked up to since we were kids. He was an amazing athlete and a really good friend. As I got married, my wife and I had our first child who was later diagnosed with autism. I didn’t know anything about autism, but I knew that Jason and his beautiful wife Tayna had a son who had autism. They became role models for me again. They are amazing people and I’m grateful to call them friends. Some books that we talked about were The Obstacle Is The Way and Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday and Chop Wood, Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf (who will be on the show soon!)

You can follow Jason on Twitter @HU19

Enjoy my conversation with Hamline University AD Jason Verdugo

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