Season 1,

Episode 6: Brian Green New Mexico St Baseball

February 27, 2017

I’m really excited about for you guys to listen to today’s interview. It’s with New Mexico State Baseball head coach Brian Green. Dude is the real deal. He’s a great leader who is doing the things that should keep NMSU competing for the regionals and beyond year after year!

There are some real powerful tips in here that will translate to any team or business. He brings in an outside group called Team Elite Performance to lead the program in some team building. Outside voices are really powerful if you can drop your ego and bring them in. Below is a pic from Team Elite.

Coach Green gets his team involved in the community and not just for good PR. They are really involved in the special needs community, and if you know me at all, it really warms my heart. I really believe that events like this will do more for the development of his players than any class they will take in college.

We also talk about his many stops across the country as an assistant coach, being vulnerable in front of his players and much much more!

You can follow @NMstatebaseball on Twitter and Coach Green @bbgreens5

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