Season 1,
104 MINS

Episode 19: Eric Thompson, Civil Organizations

May 30, 2017

Today’s episode features Eric Thompson from Civil Organizations. Eric is an executive coach and He is the co-founder of Civil Schools, a nationally respected comprehensive bullying prevention program. Eric also owns and operates Global Ascension Productions, a Pro-social leadership development company that deals with issues related to diversity, inclusion and sexual violence prevention in both high schools and colleges.

In our conversation, we talk about his work as an executive coach, his work with Civil Schools and he provides a ton of value during this episode because he provides you with strategies to help you in situations with your coworkers, your kids, and everyday life.

Just FYI, we get a little loose with the language in this episode, so if you are super offended, I apologize.

You can find Eric at for executive coaching or if you’re interested in bringing him to your school. He’s also a great follow on Facebook. He will challenge the way you think…so be prepared!

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