Season 1,

Episode 15: Dean Whellams, Team Elite Performance

May 01, 2017

Today’s conversation was a blast. I’m really glad that there is someone like Dean out there teaching college athletes these strategies. These are things that I wish I would have learned when I was a struggling student-athlete.

Dean asks the coaches and athletes to be “all in” and all he wants out of them is “everything they have” and to show that he is “all in”, Dean will only work with one team per conference per sport. He is already working with Arizona Baseball (so sorry to the rest of the Pac12, but he will not work with anyone else unless AZ coach Jay Johnson decides not to bring him back…but fat chance!), New Mexico St baseball, University of San Diego baseball and more.

If I’m a head coach looking to build a culture or maybe you need help building a new culture. Dean is you guy. True leaders have the confidence in themselves o bring in an outside voice.

You can get a hold of Dean through his website at and you can follow dean on Twitter @TeamElitePerf

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