Season 1,

Episode 14: Erika Barnes, SR Associate Athletic Director University of Arizona

April 24, 2017

Today’s conversation is with Erika Barnes who is the Senior Associate Director of Athletics and she is also the Senior Woman Administrator at the University of Arizona. In our conversation, we talk about her time as the Interm Director of Athletics where in just a couple of months, she got a contract extension for UA basketball coach Sean Miller and she was part of the $1,000,000 donation Terry Francona donated to the baseball program.

We go back and talk about growing up in Thousand Oaks, CA, playing softball at Arizona and also her unique position of being an A.D. at the school where she played.

I ask her about a quote that she would put on a billboard that every young athlete would see and we both butcher it, so here is the correct version…

You can follow Erika on Twitter @ebarnes7

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