Season 1,

Episode 13: Jon Wente, Pitching Coach UT-Arlington

April 17, 2017

Today’s conversation is a good buddy of mine who just happens to be a heck of a baseball coach. Jon Wente is the pitching coach for the University of Texas-Arlington. He is in his third season with the Mavericks, but before his stint in Arlington, Jon was one of the top head coaches in the country at the Junior college level. As a head coach at Hutchinson CC, Odessa CC, and Central Arizona College, Wente had a record of 513-224 (.696). He was responsible for 190+ players signing with four-year schools and 63 players drafted to play pro-ball. Ten of those guys made it to the big leagues including multiple all-star and potential hall of famer Ian Kinsler.

Jon wanted to prove himself at the highest level, so he joined UTA as an assistant three years ago. If I’m in need of a head coach this summer at the D1 level, he’s at the top of my list…dude can flat out recruit and develop players.

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