Season 1,
100 MINS

Episode 12: Joshua Medcalf, Author, Director of Mental Training UCLA Woman’s Basketball

April 10, 2017

Today’s episode is with Author, speaker and Director of Mental Training for the UCLA woman’s basketball team Joshua Medcalf. Joshua has published five books and a sixth one called “Pound The Stone”. His best seller is “Chop Wood, Carry Water“. I’ve read it three times…it’s fantastic. One of his other books is also a must read if you’re in any type of leadership position, it’s called Transformational Leadership. I’ve never marked up a book in my life as I have with this one. There’s so much amazing content in this book…pick it up asap! So, we obviously talked about his books, but we also talked about wrapping up your identity in your sport or job, we talked about heart posture and he even gave me some advice for something that I’ve been dealing with!

His website is and you can follow him on Twitter @JoshuaMedcalf

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